The Star World International was founded in 2004 whose headquarter is located in China's first special economic zone—Shenzhen, owing five fully owned companies which are located in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao, Hong Kong, the United States respectively. The registered capital of Star World International is six million yuan. Besides, the company has obtained the non-vessel operation carrier certificate approved by the State Ministry of Transport.

          Starting from the quota era of textile, the Star World International has operated the double clearance door-to-door shipping service of American LDP for more than ten years. The American L.D.P refers to “landed duty paid”. The Star World International operates the double clearance door-to-door service from China to America, cargo transportation, insurance and American customs clearance, paying taxes and shipping. The goods have been sent to the delivery address specified by the buyer. As first-hand dealer of American LDP, the Star World International has our own import company and shipping company in the United States. Besides, we have established branches and customs clearance brokers in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.  The operation process is made in depth break the time difference between the United States and China. Two sides maintain synchronization of 24-hour information to improve the American LDP services to a higher level.

          For ocean shipping, high quality shipowners will be selected. Our company has cooperated with many famous ship companies, including EVERGREEN, COSCO, HANJIN, KLINE, MSC, MAERSK, OOCL, YML, CMA, CSCL, etc. For textiles which are seasonal and have tough delivery time, we have the rich operational experience. We can meet Sino-American cross-border logistics needs through FCL, LCL, air transport, land and sea transport and other diversified logistics combination schemes.

          For clearance, the American clearance rate is one hundred percent. The company has its own customs clearance department to fully control the progress of the customs clearance in order to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of customs clearance.The company's American import trading company imports goods in the United States Customs of the United States all year around, belonging to the local class A import enterprises.We clear customs 48 hours in advance of vessel arrival and also pay the American customs import taxes in advance. We are equipped with the advanced cargo tracking system to accurately grasp the vessel arrival, container unloading, picking and delivery time. Our American logistics warehousing network covers the whole America, providing customers with personalized storage, dispatching goods, unpacking, sticking mark and transport services.

          For team, we are a highly professional and tacit team.Through years of exploration in the North American route, we have developed a professional and first-class transportation team in two places, which strictly implements our transport mission given by customers.

The American LDP service of the Star World International, it is dedicated for being professional and it is authorize for being dedicated!
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