Profile Purpose

Shenzhen Star World International Shipping Agencies Ltd., founded in 2004, is an international shipping agency enterprise approved by the Shenzhen 
Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce and also the non-vessel operation carrier approved by the State Ministry of Transport
(MOC-NOVCC NO: 06685). The company whose headquarter is located in Shenzhen owns five fully owned companies, including Shenzhen Star 
World, Shanghai Star World, Qingdao Star World, Hong Kong Star World and USA Star World.

Our company is the first-hand dealer of the USA export LDP. We have our own trading companies and shipping agency companies in America. Besides, 
there are branches and customs brokers in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. We have developed our own unique style in the industry for the rapid 
customs clearance, prompt delivery, secure payment and qualified service. Moreover, we have the qualified Truck Company in America. The shipping 
time is controlled accurately. China and America can be communicated with each other in 7X24 hours without barriers. The initiative right of tracking 
goods is grasped to protect client's right goods of controlling, which can ensure that your goods delivered to locations designated by consignees safely, 
efficiently and timely.

For the cargo transport service of American LDP, the absolute professional advantages of our company are as follows:

1. The protection of right goods: Companies are the same in China and the United State, which can effectively avoid many past drawbacks caused by 
the cooperation between China and America that they are agents for each other. The responsibility of right goods is fully controlled. Thus there is no 
need to worry about the communication with the United States agency for appealing right goods;

2. Guarantee for smooth customs clearance: Over the past ten years of LDP operation by our company in the United States, the customs record is 
good. The company has its own customs clearance department, which is responsible for all the customs clearance processes to ensure the accuracy 
and timeliness of customs clearance. The company's import trading company imports goods in the United States Customs all year around, belonging 
to the local class A import enterprises;

3. The perfect guarantee for transportation aging: For all the shipping, we all perform On Board Clearance. All customs clearance procedures have 
been completed before unloading goods, which improving the satisfaction of consignees. Being good at one art is better than knowing all arts. Our 
service is not biased, not loose, not miscellaneous. The American LDP business is proficient, dedicated and sincere. After years of accumulating the 
experience and customer base, we have provided a sustained and stable service to major buyers and wholesalers of the United States.

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